Sanijura Brand

Sanijura Brand

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Our workshops are located in the Jura mountains of France. Here women and men skillfully craft fine products

A long-standing company with audacity

Based in the Jura region of France for over a century, Sanijura has developed thanks to the special focus placed on customer needs. This has been the case since 1960, when it won the bid for a medicine cabinet, marking the arrival of mirrored cabinets on the French market. After that, Sanijura was the force behind the introduction of modular furniture and cabinetry pieces for small spaces.

Authentic furniture made in France

From the start of its original business – cask and barrel making, up until it launched its current cabinet collections, Sanijura has always manufactured its products in France. The company’s manual expertise has been handed down over generations, and still guarantees the same level of quality, whether the work is with wood or lacquer.